Dec 4, 2009

USA Field Hockey Press Release

Later we will throw some of our opinion nonesense at you, but for now here is a press release we recieved this morning.

December 3, 2009


USA Field Hockey today announced Steven Locke has been named Executive Director. Locke brings more than 20 years of executive management experience to the national governing body. He will begin his duties on January 4, 2010.

"Steve Locke brings a proven record of success as the Executive Director of USA Triathlon andUSA Water Ski,” said Jim Johnson, Chair of the USA Field Hockey Boards of Directors. “We areeager to work with him to implement his energetic and ambitious plan for the growth of USA Field Hockey."

Locke joins USA Field Hockey after serving as Executive Director of USA Water Ski since November 2007. He directed all operations of the nine discipline sports, improvedorganizational profitability and instituted several new membership programs.

Locke also served as the chief executive officer for USA Triathlon for 12 years between 1991 and2004. He led growth initiatives that increased membership from 9,000 to 53,000; grew the organization from an annual budget of $300,000 to $6 million; initiated new sponsorshiprelationships resulting in millions of dollars of budget relief over a 12-year span; and created a reserve fund of $2 million through generated profits.

He has served on the Board of Directors for USA Triathlon, USA Taekwondo, and the UnitedStates Olympic Committee.

The USA Field Hockey Board of Directors was unanimous in their selection of Locke as the Association's next Executive Director. The Search Committee, chaired by Jen Averill, consisted of Board members Billie Ahluwalia, Jim Johnson, Kate Kinnear, and Martha Jordan.

“This is an exciting time for USA Field Hockey,” said Heather Lewis, Interim Chief OperatingOffice for USA Field Hockey. “I look forward to the leadership and creativity Steve will bring tothis position.”

ABOUT USA FIELD HOCKEYUSA Field Hockey is the national governing body for field hockey in the United States and is a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the Federation Internationale de Hockey (FIH), and the Pan American Hockey Federation (PAFH). USA Field Hockey has approximately 19,000 members and supports programs designed to educate and promote the sport of field hockey, from its Futures program, designed for high school and college athletes, toStick Starz, with curriculum geared to boys and girls aged 8-11.

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  3. Jezzzeeee can they really give you any more ammo if they tried?

    USAWS: ED Search Committee Announced ... < insert joke here >

    Get on it ODBF!

  4. Hey, Comment deleted, you double posted. what give?

    oh, and don't worry people. We have heard through the grapevine that the ODBF is a shoe-in to replace steve.

    book it. mortal lock. take that to vegas.

  5. sorry it was early and I had not had my morning jack and coke pick me up.

  6. lol. a morning jack and coke pick me up. now thats funny.

  7. Comment deleted x 2 because I kept on getting more info; i.e., job posting, USAWS in search of ED, etc. Just condensed them. Don't worry you didn't miss anything, Water Ski Instruction @ Pro Ski Coach


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