Dec 23, 2009

Mastercrafts new X-25 video and The CRB is there!

0:01 - Zane Schwenk is going to show you the new Mastercraft X-25.

0:03 - "hey guys its Zane Schwenk and today I am super..." Don't say stoked, don't say stoked. Come on man, don't do it....

0:04 - "..Stoked to show you.." NOOOOO. Damnit Zane, do you not know about the problems with being stoked? Please Zane, before its to late. Check out this video.

0:10 - 0:17 - ooooh!  fancy black and white with a pretty girl.  Well played...wait.  Is she texting?

0:18 - Ahhh, some color!  More pretty girls and a boat driving around.  The thing looks HUGE.

0:40 - "due to the success of the X-35 and the X-55, Mastercraft took that magic and put it in a smaller package".  Listen bud, its not the size of the package, its the depth of the Vee.  Whoa, that sounds even dirtier then it did in my head.  Kick ass.

1:30 - This boat is based on a boat that was designed to drive around in the ocean?

1:35 - Oh, never mind.  Chaotic intercoastel waterways.  I was WAY off.

1:42 - It has the deepest Vee of any 22' inboard on the market.  Is that good?  and the deepest Vee?  haha, this boat gets around!!!

1:54 - The picklefork front allows space for 4 of your friends.  However, we would be perfectly happy with the two babes up front.  and speaking of which, if one were to purchase this boat, do hotty wakeboard girls flock instinctivly like the salmon of capastrono?  Where the beer flows like wine?  If so, that would be a hell of selling point.

2:09 - That is cool.  A sort of flip up, rear facing seat.  Thats awesome.  I often times feel like I am not close enough to the swim platform and often times find myself facing the wrong way when someone is skiing.  Hate that.

2:26 - Jesus, that is alot of storage space.  Wonder if we can fit the dead hookers in there.  May be a tight fit what with my wakeboard and wake skate and assorted product taking up space.  Product = hair gel.  I aspire to be Jersey Shore.

2:58 - So, your showing off the flip down arm-rests up front.  I guess.  A hotty is sitting there, distraction mastercraft, are you listening?  I had to pause the video just to see the arm rest.  See me looking at it?  Its wearing sunglasses right?

3:09 - oh my gosh, is that the CRB Cooler?  With its own space in this boat?  dear santa/penthouse - hook us up!

3:09 - wait...strike that.  Coke, fruit juice and water?  no no no...if there isn't at least 6-7 Schlitz's's (whatever is free) and some cheese its we are not interested.  

3:22 - a removable back rest.  When the CRB crew picks up this boat, just throw it away, its going to get lost anyways.

3:34 - Thank you mastercraft.  I enjoy both gatorade AND pretty girls in bikinis.  Flip down cup holders? sure, whatever, but...well played.

3:39 - Can we talk about that motor for a second?  If that isn't a diesel or a supercharged vette motor we will pass.  We require at least 600 horsepower in a gas motor or 1000 ft/lbs of torque in a diesel.  Why?  Because we need to rip shit up!!

4:01 - Those rear facing seats again, and yet the babe is looking into the boat while the dude is totally scoping out some bewbs.  Maybe those things aren't such a bad thing!

4:03 - 4:28 - Shots of boat driving around.  Pretty stylin actually.

4:28 - end - Zane saying thanks.  Are you not stoked anymore?  Hopefully he watched the video above about the dangers of being stoked.  Think we all learned something here today. 

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  1. ok, wtf? I dont think MC has learned their lesson yet. why oh why would you keep making more wakeboard models? there are about 49 of them already in the MC line up. STOP IT. you need maybe 3 and you are golden!


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