Dec 11, 2009

Her Royal Skiness

So acording to a bunch of newspapers I could not read* June Fladborg has been getting her game on with one of the many royals who happen to be hanging out over in the old country. Crown Prince Frederik not only will some day be the king of Denmark, he may be dating her hottness June Fladborg but more importantly is a "highly competent" slalom skier.
*its in Danish!

What exactly is "highly competent"? I consider myself to be a decent slalom skier, but I have to say I dont think anyone has ever refered to the ODBF as "highly competent" about anything. So how about instead of using such a poor description we say he is a national level competiotor or if that is not accurate say he is a competitive slalom skier. And if competitive slalom skeir does not describe him then maybe "highly competent" is a completly inaccurate description...DONT YOU THINK SO? HUH? YEA YOU HEARD ME! I called you out on that! ALL YOUR LOVE FOR SOME BIG PRINCE! WHATS WRONG WITH THE ODBF? SHE IS MINE AND ...
Rowboat abides: /bitch slaps ODBF

oh...ummmm...yea, sorry about that. Perhaps I am a little jealous of good ol' prince Frederik. and...
/slinks sheepesly back to the bass boat

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