Nov 2, 2009

Your CRB Halloween Recap

So as you all spent most of your weekend in a costumed drunken stupor the CRB will do a recap of the weekend.

First off we have the greatest Pumpkin Head Dance ever. And also the first decent programing to ever grace a CW channel.

Then (according to the interwebs) all the hot girls in the country dressed up in half shirts so as to show off underboob.

The CRB headquarters annual Halloween party looked quite a bit different...

Yes that would be the minon getting arrested...again...

The St. Louis Rams were able to actually win a game. But it was against the Lions, so if you actually like football I would suggest watching your local peewee team as the talent level will be better there.

Oh yea, this is a waterski blog...

Well our girl Nattalie Berdnikava went and rocked the house this weekend. She became the first girl to ever break 9k points in tricks, thus setting a new world record.

We would put up the new vid but can not find it, so here is her two passes from the 07 worlds.

Pass 1

Pass 2

Yep...shes good.

Apperantly at some point the vid and results from this weekends tournament will be put up here.

Ok quick note to the ski fluid guys: There are these people in the world that do this thing called "design websites" and they help make sites that do not confuse the shit out of people viewing them. You dont have to pile everything on the front page, it just makes it way to damn confusing.

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