Nov 17, 2009

Who Am I - Puzzle Me Together V6

They keep coming in, so, we'll keep posting em.  This one should be a quickie.  Yeah boy-eeeee!



  1. got it! woot im getting good at this

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    this game sucks. get back to what you do best, writing poorly crafted articles that make absolutely no sense, but, yet, somehow manage to maintain entertainment value.

  3. well that is what we are good at. at least i am, the rowboat seems to have some skills

  4. Anonymous - Does it suck, or are you bad at it?

  5. thats an awfully backhanded compliment Mr. Ymous.

    on one hand this game sucks, on the other our writing sucks. But our sucky writing is a touch more entertaining then these sucky games.

    so, we suck just a bit less then the suckiest thing that ever sucked.

    odbf's mom!!

  6. hey now, lets leave our moms out of this. I dont want to think about moms sucking.

    now your mom sucking...HI OOOOOOOOO

  7. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Cris - Yes.

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Adam Pickos

  9. ding ding ding!!!


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