Nov 5, 2009

Webcast this Weekend - Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigra? They're the same face!

B.O.S, or Banjos on Submarines, has a quick post about this weekends pro ski tourney in Malaysia.  In a city named Putrajaya.  LINKY!!!

We sprained our fingers typing that.  wtf?

Its a IWSF event we believe, or waterski and wakeboard world cup thing. Doesn't that name seem excessively long?

Anyways, the webcase schedule is as follows. 
2009 Waterski World Cup - Putrajaya, Malaysia


SATURDAY, 7th NOV 2009
11.00 � World Cup Preliminary Rounds - Slalom Women & Men
13.30 � World Cup Preliminary Rounds - Tricks Women & Men
16.00 � World Cup Preliminary Rounds - Jump Women & Men

SUNDAY, 8th NOV 2009
12.00 � World Cup Finals - Slalom Women & Men
14.00 � Arrival of Guests
14.15 � Arrival of Guest of Honour
14.20 � National Anthem
14.30 � World Cup Finals - Tricks Women & Men
15.45 � World Cup Finals - Jump Women & Men
17.45 � World Cup Prize Presentation

Hook up with the love here, LINKY POO, and watch. DO IT.

Also, you can probably get some more info with Freddys Twitter.

Finally, if you, like us, have no freaking idea where Putrajaya Malaysia is, well, take a peek.

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Oh, well that explains it. FLY OR DIE!

Why didn't anyone mention that our girl Karina was going to be there?  Karina Twitter  This is crap, our travel and logistics staff at CRBHQ is SOOOO fired.

We are on our way with our Karina Flag! 


  1. need more hyper pills?

    and yes that is a messed up city name. who names this shit anyways?

    whats that you say? there are people in the world that dont speak english? F that Noize!!

  2. I was curious to see how long it would take to get there and Google Maps came back with this...

    We could not calculate directions between Madison, WI and Putrajaya, Malaysia.

    I guess I can't get there from here.

  3. I don't think Rowboat is going to fit in the airplane.


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