Nov 24, 2009

Lets Be Friends

Throughout the CRB offices today, there was an awful lot of gossipy chatter.  The normal happenings within the waterski world, of course, were first and foremost, i.e, did you see that video, can you believe how hot Shakira is, omg did you see new moon, lets buy a vest and a new EsTrAda ski for christmas...etc...etc.

Oh, speaking of EsTraDa, big shout out to Chris Sullivan who is the brand manager for RadaR skis.  He emailed the CRB HQ in regards to the twitter joke between Horton and us about the RadaR Estrada ski. 

Would love to recap the email or cut/paste, but, suffice to say its hysterically ridiculous, talking about Chips the TV show and Ponches raquetball talents.  It was pretty cool.  Now, we don't know why there wasn't a couple free sticks included in the email to help, you know, grease the wheels of commerce, so to speak, but, we will take what we can get.

He also included a picture of Estrada's car from the show.

So, let it be known that  1) We will totally have a post about RadaR skis soon and we will buy the shit out of your skis (we are marketing whores after all) and 2) Very cool to play along with our brand of non-sense. 

LOL.  Pixelization was huge in the 70's

Moving along, there were a few other happenings as well and its our obligation to bring them to you. 

As everyone knows, if you have read Stephen King's "The tommyknockers" the reason we can bang out quality post after quality post is we have a machine tied into our brains to post posts without us knowing posts were posted.

1)  Lets be friends!  Ball of Spray man himself, John Horton, started something called the Wall of Spray, which in CRB land is what Jim from accounting and Andrea from accounts recievable do in their spare time, but who are we to judge?

Wall of spray is a sort of facebookish social community site...thats about the best way to describe it, you can set up your little profile, add some pics of yourself (or your blog logo, because if we uploaded pics of ourselves the internet would explode with molten hotness...because, you know, were sexy) and videos and all that.  Its pretty neat.

Here, go check it out.  WallofSpray

Now, once you are there.  You go and make the CRB your friend!  we are are a friendly little crew and want to be your friend.  This isn't like elementary school where you were made fun of and excluded from cool things because your awesomeness was to much for some to handle.  Nope, its the CRB, we want to be your friend, and unexplained pregancys are par for the course.

Here is a direct link to our profile.  Because we are shameless and have a huge ass.  CRB on WOS

2)  Screw age.  Andy Mapple is old.  right?  Its not like he is a young baller anymore..he got some grays in the hairs and some wrinkles right?  It happens to us all.  Yet, proving again why bad-ass doesn't age...he embarrasses the entire CRB Staff with this run.

Pull your shorts down!!

Hey ODBF?  You take the training wheels of your combos?

/chucks odbf out of boat in humiliating manner.  

So, go to wall of spray...and keep skiing till you are AARP worthy.  Because the sun always shines on the balls of the hard ass's.  Oh, and remember these timely words from Garth Brooks.

"You gonna eat that?"

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