Nov 11, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out - hot coals for all

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Well today is Veterens day and this is a waterski blog...
yes...yes it is
So how about veterens waterskiing.
works for me
Oh and here in USA Today
woot to that
Ok this is not waterski related...well it could be but thats your perogitive...but this guy makes a good point about the current trend in crappy tv shows. Oh and my point is stop throwing out some lame girl on girl kiss thinking it will fix your bullshit tv show. Try making shows that dont make us want to kill ourselves.

also not waterski related

Zero based scoring...if you are really excited about this you need to get on the water more. Now I think Dave Clarke is a great guy, but trying to make sure that as we get older our scores dont go man if I can still walk when im 50 with all the crap I have done to myself...well that would kick ass. I dont give a damn if my total bouy count goes down.

Just a link to a vid of skiing? well ill post the vid later... half hour high lights vid of the worlds. thanks to shaw TV for getting in on the waterski game. This Worlds (as far as I know, and I dont know shit) was the best covered and well broadcast of any worlds so far. ESPN 360, shawTV, the CRB (by far the best location for all your waterski news), and so on. Good stuff.

The town of Shorewood in Minnisotta built a monument honoring Ralph Samuleson. Who is Ralph Samuelson you ask? GET OUT!!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN HERE ANYMORE!! go bowling or whatever it is you lame non waterskiers do.

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