Nov 3, 2009

Go big or go home

So Geno Yauchler sent us some info about his world record flip attempt a few weeks ago, and he was very successful at that. Well he was also kind enough to send us a few vids as well. We will have a review of "H2O Extreme" coming in the near future*.

*whenever we get around to it

Geno also sent us a vid of an episode of "Stunt Junkies" in which he jumps a hydrofoil over a wakeboard boat, setting both distance and height records. Its a sweet vid and well worth watching. It was not easy to find it on YouTube as apperantly people do not now how to spell Geno with a G...

Thats going big...

It is also avalable on the Stunt Junkies website here.


  1. holy jesus. that is awesome. way better then the post idea i had.

  2. thats cuz your idea was to post pics of hot nintendo characters. so yes this was a better post.


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