Nov 19, 2009

CRB Off-Topic: Get On With It MoFo

As you may know "The Wire" is by far the best show that has ever been on television.  There are no arguments to be heard about anything else.  The Lake Trout Carry Out, ODBF's link dump thing, the title is taken from a little take-out food joint in "The Wire". 

I have probably watched this series 20 times from start to finsish and find new things everytime.  Often ODBF and I joke about how things in real life can be applied to scenes from the show.

With that being said, in all our youtube searches, we have never been able to find the scene where Major Bunny Colvin gets let go of command, which within the story arc of that season, Season 3, him and Stringer Bell both go outside the normal pervue of their own worlds, Bunny legalizes drugs in a certain area of Baltimore to help clean up the streets, where Stringer goes "legit" and begins real estate ventures.

Eventually, the both meet their end, one figurativly and one literally, and utter the same ending lines, "Get On With It Motherfucker!"  God I love this show.

If you suffer from a case of extreme A.D.D, then fast forward to the 25 second mark for Bunny and the 2:30 mark for String.  

Here is Bunnies Scene

And here is Stringers Scene

Some say its a shame that the series ended after only five seasons, but, most disagree. The brightest flame burns quickest. or words to that effect.

OH, and for kicks, just search youtube for Bunk Moreland, besides Omar he has to be the best.

/whistling the Farmer in the Dell

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