Nov 6, 2009

First women over 9k

Back in the day when I actually skied and had never thought of posting nonsense such as this on the global interblag, I skied with Natalia Berdnikava. I drove for her jumping and pinned for her tricking. Some of the rest of us talked about how we thought she would set a world record, but none of us thought it would be in tricks. That girl could just explode off the ramp, man could she fly.

She said one day how she felt like learning a back flip back, and was sticking them right away. So basically from that point on I have hated her with a passion.

Well actually I hate anyone that skis better then me. Like that 7 year old that was out on two skis the other day? yea I shoved him down when his mom looked away. This is a tough game, you have to be ready for anything, TAKE NO PRISONERS!

Well to the actual point of this post. Natty went out and put up the first trick score over 9000 pts in womens trick history. 9080 to be exact, and it was a hella smoove 9080 at that, I mean seriously, just watch it...its right there, just below these words, stop reading and watch it.

Pic Credit: Natallia Berdnikava's Website. Which is cool!! (linky)

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  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I really wish that if all my life skills were combined they would come close to equalling that trick run.


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