Oct 26, 2009

Why would we do a nationals recap when we have bad ass vids?

Someone should have explained to Alex Parides that College waterski tournaments are three event tournys not show skiing. But this is one hell of a big heli.


They say handle pass helis are tough...

And for your actually competitive jump sets here is the runoff for first place in the D-1 womens jump event.

I still have to say that Alex's jump would have been the coolest of the weekend.

***A real recap is on its way***


  1. Does that second video have music from Glee as the soundtrack? I think I've seen those commercials too many times on Fox.

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Alex P's crash has quite possibly got to be one of the, if not the coolest jump "crash" in the history of jump crashes. Granted, there may be some better "entrances" to the water, but for someone to pull off an off axis 360 at about 130-140 ft, is amazing. I have heard rumors that he did the same thing at McCormicks a few weeks prior at 6 foot, but this one was much cleaner.

  3. oh you know you watch Glee, admit it!

    to bad the boat turned in, would have been cool to see if he could have actually pulled it off. He has solid air awareness that he can think to complete the spin when all i would be thinking is "oh god this is going to hurt"

  4. Anonymous12:10 PM

    imagine if chicks would dig and kick it that hard at 5.5 33mph, would bring womens jump back up to snuff in a heartbeat.


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