Oct 6, 2009

Two Things

Its (looks at clock) Monday night, about 1 or so AM, and the remaining CRB staff are still milling about our compound in a Natty Ice stupor after our Monday Night Football / Naked Twister* party.

You should try it. You spin and drink and remove an article of clothing after every idiotic thing an ESPN announcer says. Needless to say...we are pretty sure someone is pregnant and someone else it either divorced or has a really awesome life ahead of them. (it involves a waterski handle, a captain morgan handle, and a handle bar mustache...you do the math.)

On to our two things for your Tuesday.

1) Now look, we are the first to admit that we are not always the first on the scene for breaking waterski news. This is the case for a number of reasons for this. The first three we can't say on a family blog and the fourth being we are fuck ups.

However, certified bad-ass and doer of gods good work Cris noted that we totally slacked on our collegiate coverage of the recent regional events. In fact, he equated it to a burn while piss issue...lets go to the replay...
Cris said...

Its the monday after 3 collegiate regionals have wrapped up and NO LOVE?!?!?!

I am hurt. I am hurt bad.
Now, the fact that he got no love is really no fault of our own, as perpetrators of many love infused cocktails it is up to the consumer to actually consume said cocktail of love potion, HOWEVER, the point is raised that we need to get off our collective ass and provide you, the people, some in depth collegiate love.

We have contacted our collegiate reporter and in no uncertain terms have let it be known that we need the coverage on this site asap. So, please stay tuned as the results and commentary and dick jokes are coming soon.

2) There has been a seismic shift in CRB love in the last year or so, this is apparent to anyone who has no life and pays attention to the "CRB love" tag or reads this on a daily basis. MOM!!

Pic credit: John Mommer Photography. Linky. Awesome pictures, please click and look

A few years ago when Rowboat ran this damn thing he was all hot and bothered over Dallas Friday, and while she is a Hall of Famer here, its obvious our sights and sites have wandered elsewhere. Notably to Karina. Now, the reasons here are self-explanatory. or self-exploratory, or self-planetariumed.

None the less, Regina Jaquess (pronounced Jaquess) has not taken kindly to that sort of shabby treatment and came busting out like a mofo recently. You don't believe us? Observe exhibit A.

wow right? The CRB has a bulletin board where we put all our employees accomplishments up so everyone can see it and over congratulations and what-not.

Well, after watching this video we took a quick peek at the board and realized that our best run on the course was 28 off at 34 mph. Not to shabby right?

We didn't think so either, until we went back and looked at the video tape. take a peek at what we saw.

Yep, it was Dr. Jim. Thats what you get when the CRB LLC has "bring your cheater to work day"

Have a great Tuesday. and for gods sake, DO NOT LET THEM CONTROL US!

*careful when google image search for Naked Twister. The internet is all grown up.

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