Oct 31, 2009

Top 10 Collegiate Nationals Moments

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You read the title and think to yourself, “Why the hell is a nationals blog post coming out a week after the thing went down? This is the internet age damnit, a spoiler should have been out last Wednesday!” I’ll tell you the reason, and it begins with this: calling collegiate nationals a three day tournament is a gross injustice. Not only do you have a day of travel on either end, but more importantly, the three day measure doesn’t take into account the post-nationals hangover. After about ninety hours of continuous partying, cheering, and skiing your brains out, it’s a brutal trip back to reality. And so, now that I’ve come out of my own five day coma, I bring you my Top 10 Kick Ass Moments of this year’s Big Show.

10. No Rain

If you’re wondering why the weather made it on my Top 10, you’re not from the west and have never seen the mud hole Ironwood becomes with the help of an inch of rain and 300 spectators. Besides, warm weather = hot girls showing skin. You win California, you win.

True Life: He's a collegiate water skier NOT a professional driver.

9. Free Sunglasses

Sponsors are always a good thing, but this year Hobie Sunglasses got a little excessive in their support of collegiate water skiing. Anyone planning on buying sunglasses at the lake quickly realized they should actually just wait around until they won the model of their choosing. These shades are, however, extremely sick, and deals are available online through next August for any skiers who didn’t snag a pair.

8. Webcast and Announcers

I would have gotten a better idea how the tournament actually went if I had watched the webcast. Instead, I kept myself busy by checking out good looking girls who are better skiers than I’ll ever be. I’m happy with my decision, but nonetheless it was pretty cool having Tadd and Jon Bice on site to keep us entertained between sets.

7. McFlippy Spins

Whoever said trick skiing is dead hasn’t seen guys like Adam Sedlmajer or Storm Selsor on the water. These guys go upside down like it’s their job. Who needs a tower to go big? Or a wake for that matter…

6. ULM’s Sunday Funday Practice

Direct quote from Cal Poly Ski Team President Greg Olsen: “The best thing that ever happened to Cal Poly’s team boat? ULM.” Since training behind ’05 Perfect Pass is only so helpful to the crew headed to worlds this weekend, they decided to play it safe and trick. Take Bad Ass Moment # 7 and add a jump ramp. Enough said.

5. Official’s Dinner

Not only did the officials at Nationals run the tournament like a dialed in promo boat, but this crew knew how to party. This particular gathering took place at Lamont’s own El Pueblo, a near-mandatory stop for local skiers in the area. I haven’t developed pictures just yet from the sangria waterfalls, but I’ll tell you that the Western appointed judges just managed to edge out the East for the record times of the night.

4. Club Odyssey

Sketchy club in a nice hotel in Bako? Check. I don’t recommend this place on your average Friday night, but next time Collegiate Nationals comes to town? Be there.

This guys had such a good time at Club Odyssey, he didn't need a hotel room.

3. Stinne v. Clem

Although the NCWSA doesn’t technically require (or recognize the outcome of) a jump off in the event of a tie, no one really wants to see a shared podium. And so, the guys in charge made the excellent call to see the girls fly again, giving them a two-jump chance to win the crown. Clementine Lucine managed to take it in the end, dropping a huge 151 footer to Stinne Soendergaard’s already impressive 135 foot jump (Stinne and Clem tied in the official event with 146 feet).

2. University of Wisconsin at Madison’s Call On Me Rendition

There’s no doubt Chico State deserved the spirit award, but Madison came damn close to swooping in when they jogged in unison to the far side of the jump lake in matching speedos and bikinis to give the crowd a show. Whether or not everyone in the audience had seen Eric Prydz’ music video to the song “Call On Me,” no one was bored.

1. D1 Men’s Jump Goes Off

What was the difference between the finals of the men’s and women’s jumping events? Anticipation. Although the women’s showdown was exciting, Clem’s victory on her first jump was a bit of a let down. After ULL’s Claudio Kostenberger booted a huge 178 ft leap to push him into the lead, the crowd was electric as only one more skier stood on the dock poised to take away the title. His initial jump of 181 was enough to do the job, but a hot boat time voided the score for freshman Zack Worden. The next two jumps left ULM’s top seed looking mortal and fallible as the boat crew swung him into the dock, forgetting his mandatory re-ride. With scores of 172 and 161, Worden had moved into second place but was still six feet short of Kostenberger. Finally coming back down the lake, Worden’s way-past-late cut into the ramp told the story. When a distance of 184 feet came over the radio, the crowd blew up, and ULM’s whole team tackled their skier into the water. There were plenty of great moments throughout the tournament, but only this one could cap off such an epic weekend.

And now, back to Halloween and mid-afternoon drinking...




  2. Nice! but was Foghat playing anywhere?

  3. good christ. thats quite the video. didn't know the CRB was adding the sexy.

  4. Puhleez, it's not a ski tournament without a little Slow Ride!


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