Oct 8, 2009

Thrusday trick lessons

Ok the title is a little deceiving as in no way are we going to teach you anything about tricks right now.

Happy Trees

What does "Happy trees" Bob have to do with anything? Well this is a post about tricks and if you get all worked up when you fall tricking your never going to improve. Just remember ol' Bob's signiture line; "no mistakes, just happy accidents".

Oh hell, not a single member of the CRB world empire has learned a new trick (outside of the bedroom*) in about 17 years.

*sleeping in a different position. what did you think I meant?

Ok but speaking of good trick skeirs and learning tricks over 17 years ago, check out these vintage vids

Solid skier...and hot...good combo. She might have been a member of the Venezuallan CRB in 1981. I would look it up, but that is way deep in our files in the basement. Its scary down there and the minion is always turning off the lights.

Digging the 2 ski pass.

note: never ask dig dug for formatting help.

Here is Tawn Larson (Hahn..whatever) from whenever. Whats with changing the last names anyways?


  1. You know the best part of the CRB in 81? our blog posts were written in crayon.

  2. yea good point. I drink a pbr to that...

    hmmm, possibly inapropriate..


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