Oct 23, 2009

NCWSA nats webcast recap

If you watched the webcast yesterday you heard Tadd and the crew announcing some awsome skiing, you also saw the side of a boat house and then the worlds slowest slide show. This worked great for us at the CRB world headquarters as we dont really like having to look at things...it strains our eyes. This is certainly a step forward for the NCWSA and hopefully it will lead to a full webcast with a pro crew next year, but this year Tadd, Surdej, Kodiak and crew are doing us all a great service. It was kinda like listening to a radio broadcast, and Tadd did a good job of making sure we all knew what was going on. The broadcast along with the NCWSA Twitter page going crazy was a good way to keep up with all the action in Bakersfield.

On to the action

The ladies of Western Washington University showed that you dont need huge scores just solid consistant skiing to take events in D-2. With 4 girls placing in the top ten and all 5 girls landing their jumps WWU took the early lead for the team title with Cal Poly, Texas State and UW Madison rounding out the top 4. The Vikings should be so proud.

Tyler Lorenz was out to redem the Badgers of UW Madison and booted a big one at 152 feet, 25 feet further then second place. Led by Tyler the Badgers took the mens jump title followed by Cincinatti, Kansas and the vikings of Western Washington.

Western Washington is in the lead at the end of day one with a 400 point lead over UW Madison. The Badgers, who were ranked 5th in the nation but missed out on D-1 nationals after a poor showing at their regionals were expected to run away with the D-2 crown, but better step it up as they have the solid skiers of Texas State right on their heels.

On to the big dogs

As expected the D-1 womens slalom competion was fierce with 16 girls getting into 32 off or better. ULM just slipped ahead of the resurgant Rollins college women, with the upstart Alabama team right on their heels. FSC put two girls in the top 5 but they are a good example of how a couple stars can not hold up a team on their own as the team placed a distant 7th.
Going into the mens slalom event ULM held a small lead on the competion...that is no longer small. The warhawks came with the quickness and thru 3 guys thru the 38 off pass (and one just a 1/2 buoy shy of running it) to grab the top 4 spots and a solid 1st place finish. ULL who many have written off this year came back strong to grab the second place spot with ASU and FSC rounding out the top 4.
While Western Washington ran up a solid 400 point lead in D-2 that will take some solid skiing to top, ULM brought the thunder in D-1 and ran up a giant lead of 700 points. As we stated in a previous post if anyone else had a shot at winning this ULM was going to have to stumble badly in an event, well dont look for that stumble to be in slalom. As long as they show up for the rest of the events they should walk away with the win. This tournament has become a competion for the second spot on the podium.
And holding that second spot right now is ASU, who many did not give a chance against the solid skiing of Alabama. ULL will not be forgotten either currently sitting in fourth place. FSC, who in years past had been gunning for the top spots, currently sits in 5th with the solid overall skiing of Cal state chico and the stong womens team of Rollins college on their heals.
But stop reading this and get over to NCWSA.com to watch the second day unfold.

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