Oct 22, 2009

NCWSA Nationals live *update*

So starting in about 9 mins the NCWSA Nationals will go live on a webcast that can be seen here. This will be the second nationals that have been webcast this year. (showski was first)

Loyal CRB reader Cris Kodiak informed us that there will be a camara facing the announcers and one facing the lake. Does not sound like a high end professional job, but you know what? shut up and watch, this is a big step. And if it goes well maybe next year they will be able to get some ads and what not and get a full on webcast rolling for this. Freaking sweet if you ask me.


looks like they are having issues with the webcast but you can follow all the action on the NCWSA twitter account.

Twitter: twitter.com/ncwsa

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