Oct 27, 2009

Maybe it was just thirsty?

One of the cheap thrills in life is to hang out at a boat launch and watch people launch their boats. Actually, its more funny to watch people take them out. Not that we haven't made some of the same mistakes and got equally as frustrated and mad, so, we aren't tempting the karma gods by saying, "HAHAHAHA".

So, that got us cruising around the tubes looking at pictures and videos of boat launches, now, take our word for it, you will not find a better way to waste your employers bandwidth and get absolutly nothing done then by firing up your youtube box and searching for "boat launch", then just let youtube take you on a mystical journey.

Its something that should be experianced at least three or four times a day. Like your mom! ZING!

Here is a little primer.

1) Simple time lapse photography of a boat launch in California. Its a freaking Zoo. Makes us want to grab a 12 pack and just watch.

2) The thirsty Ford, now there are a number of videos of people dumping their trucks into the lake, but, this one is awesome, as it A. Went in truck first, not trailer first, and B. Its a truck that is property of a Yacht Club, you would think they knew what they were doing.

So Good. Could watch this stuff all day.

/looks around for boss
/puts hand down pants

Its a great Tuesday


  1. found this in the twitterspherical. Awesome picture.


  2. holy crap, i did the html code correctly! bonus.

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I love trucks under water.


  4. haha, nice non-sequitor link.


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