Oct 2, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out - TWINS edition

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever

  • Chicago was knocked out of the running for the Olympics in the first round of voting. Which also will knock out any hope waterskiers had to make it into the games in the next decade. And what else does that mean? HOT BRAZILIANS!!!

yes yes! more of that!

  • Malaysia is not to be out done in the highly competitive waterski world news and wants everyone that cares about waterskiing in Malaysia (7 people) to know they have the last world cup stop on Nov 6th
  • An article in the Chicago Tribune about wakeboarding? I thought all they talked about was political coruption and how much all of their sports teams are way better then everyone elses. BEARS suck, cubs got killed 10-3 and well i dont care about it actually, if you do why don't you get your own blog and write about it!


*dig dug note

I will write about the cubs on this site when I see fit you son of a bitch!!

*/dig dug note

Hey Rykert! We fixed your banner pic!!


  1. So Dig Dug you think you can edit my posts huh? Ill get you for this.

    /drops bad guy down dig dug hole

  2. /picks up bad guy

    "hey dude, whats up?"

    "oh nothing, just looking to kick ODBF's ass in bumper pool later"

    "nice...welp, here, have a tecate"


  3. It looks the same, just smaller.

    The picture.

    The picture.

  4. Its supposed to! Its not the size of your picture, its how you frame it.


  5. I meant, click on it. its resized to fit into your website better.

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