Oct 29, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out - early edition

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Do NOT anger the Bearsharktopus!
  • The biggest event of the NCWSA season was this past weekend. And John Horton from BOS sold all his pics to the boys at Water Ski Mag who posted them along with the scores.
  • Speaking of Nationals, this wonderfully* written piece was posted by The News-Star about the cats from Monroe rocking the house once again.
*written by a 6 year old
  • And speaking of Water Ski Mag's new site, which I must say is a huge improvement over their old one. However, it looks suspiciously similar to Alliance wakeboards site. If they grabbed the code and copied it completely they certainly did a better job then I did in 7th grade on that English test. (gotta remember not to copy the name as well!!)
  • Its football season and so here is an amazing behind the back pass for a two point conversion. Whats that you say? Not waterski relevant? Whatever man. I'm high.
  • Wake Skate company SlingShot Sports is getting some praise for their use of online social communities to help develop products. cool stuff.
  • NBC Universal sports continues its coverage of the IWSF world cup. And here is the main page for skiing on NBC Universals site. It seems that alot of people give the IWSF guff for setting tournaments in crazy places around the world...well ok some of them are kinda odd...but its gotta be a great experience for the skiers to travel to exotic places and what not. Just remember not to drink the water...

  • Nautique announced today that the 51st Masters will be held May 28th-30th in 2010. This year maybe the CRB crew will actually make it...we tried this year but got distracted by the Champagne of beers.
  • Well done website/blog for the US showski team that has just arrived in China for the "Sino-American Water-Ski Performances". The Chinese have been making a go at building show skiing in their country. So appereantly people show ski out side of the midwest. Ill be damned.
Have a kick ass Thursday? Screw it, its the weekend now anyways. Just go by college rules and go party. Here is a pic that Horton posted on the Twitterverse. You know, a little something for the dudes. Ladies? were on the lookout for some beefcake for you too!! Were good like that.

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