Oct 16, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out - Now With More Dug

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Hey, its Dig Dug, ODBF is working or sleeping or drinking so I am going to handle this weekends LTCO.

  • Who knew Jesus Waterskiied? Not me, but, thankfully the Sports Pickle is on the case. (Sports Pickle)
"For the 1989th consecutive year, Jesus H. Christ of Bethlehem dominated the field at the World Barefoot Waterskiing Championships, held annually in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Christ swept all eight events, earning gold medals in all racing and freestyle categories."
  • Field Set for Collegiate Nationals. Michigan got in from a cool little wild-card play in thing. Hard to explain unless you saw it live or have better expository skills then I do. (USA Waterski) & (NCWSA)
  • Speaking of USA Waterski, they threw the CRB some love and included our fatboy as a "Uncle Sam" poster, which was then followed up with an LL Cool Novakawski penned poster that blew our fatboy out of the water. :( (USA Waterski)

  • Whitney McClintock, who was investigated righteously by our sub loving news team and Geraldo (IN YOUR FACE) got a nifty write up in her college newspaper. She attends UCF, which I can attest is a pretty nice place to be. (UCF)

  • There was a little tournament held at the USA Waterski head quarters a few days ago, or a week ago, or whenever, whatever, it was a little single-wake jump competition and you will be amazed at who won it. Really, you will. No, not really. (Nightmare)

  • That balloon boy shit was a ploy for attention. No way. My socks are completely off my feet, having been knocked that way by my surprise. (youtube)
Have a great weekend, its almost Halloween, which is almost the greatest holiday of all-time. Its an excuse to drink and for girls to dress slutty. Fantastic. Have a beer. Why not, its the freaking weekend baby gonna have me some fun. (*falls through table*)

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