Oct 12, 2009

21 teams in 1 to go

Oh how the excitment is building... only a few short weeks and then CRAZY ACTION HITS THE WATER...

The Cubs will make the playoffs...

wait...WTF? DIG DUG! Get off my 'Puter!! and seriously what does that pic have to do with waterskiing or event the fact that the cubs can throw a solid team out the window year after year like it was their plan from the begining?

Well the nationals field is almost complete, already have the top 5 from each region giving us 20 teams, plus the first wild card team is in as well. Now the last team will find out its fate! and this email from Cris Kodiak will explain it to you all.

Dig Dug, ODBF, Minion, Rowboat Abides, Nola, Geno Yauchler, and whoever else is
milling around the CRB office -

Wanted to give you guys a heads up that
the NCWSA is doing a live selection show tomorrow for the winner of the wildcard
pseudo tournament.

In case you aren't aware, it will pit the top three
teams from each region that did not qualify for Nationals at their Regionals. So
the 6th, 7th and 8th place teams in the East, South Central, and West, and then
7th, 8th, and 9th place finishers in the Midwest (since the Midwest won the
other wildcard already - Cincinnati).

All of the skiers from those teams
take their average score (average of top 2 scores from the fall season), pitted
against each other and scored just like a college tournament (5 scores in, 4
scores count).

We are going to release the scores event by event, like
it was actually being run (probably over 10-15 minutes total). Jeff Surdej and I
will be doing the commentary and break-down of each event live on camera. On top
of that, we are going to have webcams with a few teams from across the country,
that will be streaming live on the front page. So you will be able to see team's
reactions after each event is released, LIVE! (going for the format like the
NCAA Selection Show).

This will be our first go with this format, but we
are hoping it will be pretty cool. If you guys wouldn't mind hyping it up on the
CRB, we would love it.

Any questions let me know.

Dig Dug -
please edit whatever is needed on this email. I think I left some G's out of

Cris W. Kodiak

So everyone needs to check this out tonight. THE CRB COMMANDS IT


  1. You guys rock. Many hugs and kisses for all of you. Except for ODBF - he gropes.

    Hope you are there to check it out!

  2. 45 mins to go! and will be there



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