Sep 10, 2009

Wake Skiing gets a hugh crowd?

Well according to the post I read about this wake skiing is about to "blow up". Well in the video I see 3 spectators, not sure what the definition of "blow up" is but I think it requires more then a few peeps to show up.

Now these guys do some sweet stuff out there though. Ive seen guys throw switch 5 backs and full spinning fronts, so yea, its pretty sweet. I can't seem to land a damn thing off the ramp on these though, but that may have something to do with the fact that I suck, but you never know, maybe I just need to tweek my fin a bit...

whats with all the messed up names? What the hell is a misty 540? Why not just call tricks what they are, is that so tough? huh is it really?

/throws a hugh chicken salad

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