Sep 14, 2009

USOC likes waterskiing?

Apperently USOC does not take camaras to anything but waterski events. Is this a sign for what event they plan on pushing for to add to the olympics if the windy city wins the bid? I will eat crow if they do, as I have long argued that USAWS has been wasting everyones time by pushing for our sports addition.

I wonder what the hall of fame CRB Girl has to say.

Danyelle: Damn it get away from me you crazy stalker!

CRB: She loves us!

There is also a pretty solid waterski home page on the USOC website. Looking at the main page pic of Regina I think it is time we add Regina to the CRB Girl ranks...cuz she is way good looking and damn can that girl ski!

USOC also has videos of the first day of the show ski nationals up on their site. Not sure when sunday will be up but if your going to watch one I would say watch the Madcity show, its crazy good. (USOC kinda screwed it up, there seems to be a few acts that got dropped, highlights clip here) Wonderlakes show is really good too.


  1. I like that they have water skiing stuff up on the USOC website, but it basically a repackaging of everything from the website. Not a complete 1 to 1 cut-n-paste, but they are definitely working together on their content.

  2. I am guessing that the waterski page on usoc is operated by an employee of USAWS. but i like seeing it on there at least


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