Sep 22, 2009

Sometimes life is...welll...pretty awesome for some people

While most of us bash away in a cubicle somewhere, or hit the road to make sales calls (err, account maintenance) or whatever else we all do to make dolla dolla bills y'all, we present you with two things.

1) The picture on the right is from wakeboard mags twitter feed, proving that some people have freaking awesome jobs!

2) Checking out the first paragraph, the CRB rules at run-on sentences.

Where we are sitting currently, looking out the window of the palatial CRB estate, there is rain, and more rain. Oh yeah, the boss is also all up on our case about watching waterski dvds and webcasts and the like on company time.

HEY BUDDY! I don't tell you what to do on your time, how about you ease off the throttle a bit and let us live our lives without all these constrictions!

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