Sep 23, 2009

OK USA Waterski, Where is the CRB love?

Do we need to remind you, Mr. Locke, that the CRB has been on-board since your inception? We want to help out and get more people signed up with USA Waterski. Its important that as a waterski community we all band together and do things.

Helping fund the governing body that goes out and gets our world some more love, more technology and everything else that goes into our sport that we poke fun at because thats our job.

Now, in the Exec Posts you have various waterski people posterized into the Uncle Sam pose to get you, YES YOU, to join USA Waterski. Its very cute. In fact, its pretty neat, you get people involved, connected, thesaurus term, to the movement.

Its fun. Sure.

However, we have a bone to pick, in fact, we are picking a bone, many bones. We are a bone picking crew right now. Like, Slim Charles or Omar from The Wire, they pick bones...we do the same...but, you know, with out the shot guns, drugs or murders.

So, here we go with out bone picking, this week you have some skiers from the Tampa Bay Waterski Team. Bunch of cute little people doing their thing. Nothing wrong with the Tampa peeps but...


/cheek pinching


We are picking bones here buster! See, a month or so ago we went ahead and did a masterful MS Paint job of our employees (at the time) in your fancy smancy Uncle Sam posters. Please view exhibit A.

And as the newest CRB'er, Dig Dug, I threatened a lawsuit if the graphic department didn't produce a USA Waterski poster, so...enjoy the pixalated goodness. I look way better in real life, the lighting was bad. Normally my eyes really pop and when I wear red it really casts a gorgeous silhouette.

Oh, and how could we forget, Nola the dog. Rykert, from the lake of sin's dogm is also a sort of de-facto CRB mascot. or something.

Now, granted, the Rowboat isn't technically working here anymore, more like, just pops in from time to time with way overly worded articles that are annoying. Matter of fact, in sitting through those god-awful company wide meetings, ODBF has said repeatedly that we are trying to keep that jack-ass off our pages, but, somehow keeps coming up with the log in codes.

We have the CRB I.T department on it. Granted, the rowboat was a pretty wicked smart geek type, so, you can rest assured that once every other month, or when a silly fantasty fishing tournament pops up, the Rowboat will return. Like a phoenix, or the minions herpes.

Whatever, thats besides the point. The CRB LLC internal squabbaling should not be put on the pages of the internet, its to bad our keyboard does not have a delete key.

Cmon Mr. Locke, give us our due! Let us do a poster for you! In fact, we even have an idea! Peep this!

What do you think? Its not perfect, but, you get the idea. Lets get together and do this! We will provide you with a CRB Approved pic to use! If this doesn't happen, the CRB will put you on notice. Colbert would back us up.

Were here for you buddy!

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  1. yea! what is this nonesense. and it appears that I am a rastafarian waterskier. not sure how many of us there are but...hey look a donkey!


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