Sep 19, 2009

Greatest Waterskiier of All Time V.2

A few weeks ago or so, the ODBF dropped an interesting query on us, who is the greatest waterskier of all time. Its a complicated argument for sure, all the different disciplines, innovators vs. present day gods, etc.

ODBF also posted the link to that article on the ski fly website, which we often mock in good fun, but, that thread is very well worth checking out. Some very smart and informed opinions going on over there.

So, this weekend when nursing hangovers or hanging over a nurse, do take some time and check it out! We would love to have you hang out here and debate, but, we don't get paid shit for the page views, and also the ski fly peeps are good to us and don't give us crap for dropping links on em.

Play with your friends, yank that skurfer out of the shed and take a set. Do it for the kids.

Have a kick ass weekend everyone, even if its a day late.

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