Sep 17, 2009

The Funniez

The jump came out yesterday, the dock is coming out today and I have not been on my boat in way to freaking long. So you get no talk of waterskiing today. Why you ask...WHY!?!11!! Well, um, er...cuz I said so..? shit i dont know just deal with it.

So needless to say if I am not thinking about waterskiing or drinking (Im hungover give me a break) I am thinking about sex...and baseball. cuz those two things go hand in hand. (my GF disagrees), and thus I started thinking about the baseball sex scale.

Yep, no idea!

Im confused, time to clean my car I guess.

(no streaks this time)
Ok, on that note back to sex thoughts...


Now you may be saying to yourself. WTF was this nonesense? well I dont know either and Im bored and I thought those comics were funny. Give me a freaking break man, the ski season is ending and I'm headed for 8 months of complete and utter dispare. So cut a brotha' some slack jack!

1 comment:

  1. good lord, this could be a long off season for you. your like bubbles from the wire, tweakin after a day.

    bad times.


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