Sep 29, 2009

Fantom II

So I do not read the skiflies all that often but the "Next" thread has always been an enjoyable one. Then the anonymous "Fantom" passed away and his daugther "Fantom II" took his place. But apperantly back in June she posted this
I'm afraid that I have some bad news
And I've always said no to the booz
It has been a good lifeI did handle the strife
In the clouds, Dad and I, we will cruize

It seems that we have lost one another Fantom, which I must say is sad news. I always liked seeing a new post on the Next Thread, as you could (almost) always count on it lacking the bitterness that has a habit of popping up on that site.

You can always count on a flame war or just utter nonesense from posters (like this concerned parent bitching about a nose picking pic in slalom ski mag). But you could always count on something light hearted from Fantom II

I'm glad to see Ham & ab
Keep things going, their the greatest you see
We're like family I know
Don't forget ole Vern O'
At the worlds, I am planing to be

Of course maybe I am just misreading the June post from Fantom (hopefully!) but if not then Skifly and waterskiing have lost a good heart.

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