Aug 5, 2009

Worlds on "an internet" - UPDATE

The fine folks at The Pro Ski, who are doing the lords work, we assume have worked their guru magic and got the Friday, Saturday and Sunday portion of Waterski Worlds onto the ESPN 360 machine.

For those of you not in the know, ESPN 360 is sort of a streaming TV service that uses one of the internets to beam you sports goodness to your computerized google machine.

Note, the above use of "an internet" is from noted international playboy and enterprenuer, Rykert of Lake of Sin fame.

To make a short story long, his dad figured that, in effect, there are many different internets and you have to be connected to the proper internets to get to specific sites. Which is funny. But, this is the best part.
Whether this is the greatest of all possible worlds, as Leibniz argues, or the existence of multiple worlds, and the possibility of paths betwen them can lead a mortal to wage war on heaven. There is still just one internet, in this world.
Anyways, ESPN 360. Click on that link. I believe that you do actually have to be connected through certain internet providers to access it. The CRB runs the AT@T internets and it works for us.

Go forth and be merry.

Good lord, this webcasting thing is spreading like the sars. Show ski nationals will also be beamed right to your firefox box. Click here for the details on that.

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