Aug 13, 2009

Tony needs his own show

Tony Lightfoot has been hard at work all summer, announcing and lighting up the YouTubes. His interviews are great and give all of us a great view of what is going thru the top dogs heads. You can see how they are constantly thinking about what is coming up and what they need to do to get on top of their event.

Dodd is already planning on the next worlds. This guy is great, I meet him at Bennetts ski school when I went there for spring break. One of the most level headed and dedicated skiers I have met.

Check out Tony's channel. Keep it up Tony!

or if you prefer pics of the wicked hot Bar Refaeli then click here. IT IS WELL WORTH THE CLICK!! I think I will name here a new CRB girl. But you ask "does she even water ski?" to which I reply "She is wearing a hot ass Bikini! for god sake does it matter?"

So there you have it, Tony does interviews and Bar Refaeli is hot. Thats the facts.

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