Aug 6, 2009

Tony Lightfoot is a Youtube maniac!

Tony Lightfoot does yomens work in the presentation and production and promotion (any other P words?) and currently in the great white north doing stuff for Worlds. Most of the stuff with video he uploads into his youtube channel which has a bunch of great stuff, like an interview with the Larsons then a bunch of chilly looking skiers from this past week or so. This one below is currently our favorite, simply because he caught Alex Lauretano in front of a bunch of port-o-(whatever the hell their names are).

Dude! Give her a second! :)

Looking around we could not find one with Angeliki Andriopoulou, which makes us sad.

P.S, we got turned onto the vids via Hortons Twitter (who else?!) but what was best was the tweet...
Alex Lauretano & Tony Lightfoot find the bathrooms at worlds

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  1. Thanks for the plug - the background was purely unintentional!!
    BTW There is an interview with Angeliki after she won jump - just look for it.



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