Aug 11, 2009

So, there was alot of waterskiing last weekend.

Let the CRB tell you a story. It starts with beer, ends with predictable results. We embedded a correspondent at all the major tournaments last weekend, more specific, the two we could think of and had them file reports on the haps.

Now, Embedded Correspondent meant something very different for our people, they got to the bedded part and thought they could just get laid all weekend by whatever they happened upon at the bar, and tell us that.

While the stories were enjoyable, it doesn't really help capture anything tangible (other then a possible std), so we will do it on our own with smart ass comments and 1/2 thought out ideas replacing anything important. Its our style really.

Waterski Worlds
First of all, what the hell is with the Worlds? Granted its people from all over the world, but, if you win that tourney, say like, Freddy Krueger and you won the jump portion of the competition (weird huh?), why would you then go to Nationals? Is there some weird time/space breach that we don't know about but the awesome skiers do? See waterski mags tweet.

Whatever, for the results. Normal CRB attributes and blog behaivior is gone, because this is for some COUNTRY PRIDE!! USA USA USA!!!! So, Karina and Angeliki? We love you but, its on now....

And USA World Domination continues with Freddy Krueger winning Jump and Chris Rossi taking third in slalom and....

/flips pages from results
/shakes it
/throws on ground and lights on fire

What the crap USA? Thats it?

Full results here. Its just the podium people, but, they are the best anyways.

Tony has about 80 billion vids to check out on his youtube waterway, so, please go check it out for some more love.

Tonys Tv Station

Also, you can rewatch the whole damn thing right here! DO IT!

Update: we removed the webcast, the damn thing had auto-play and that shiz is annoying. but here is the link in case you would like to indulge.

Worlds Replay

Show Ski Nationals
Show Ski people doing show ski things. Living where the CRB outpost is that I am currently holed up in, you don't have any show ski teams around. Everyone has seen a Sea World or a Cypress Gardens and they are pretty good and all right?

Whoa. (audio is effed)

Wow (skip ahead to about the 2min mark)

But only if there was something that shows it in a more overall light. Boom.

So, yeah, there is video for all.


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    So you actually want to post video from um, last weekend or not?

  2. well the first and fourth ones are. but it would be nice if anyone else would post some. I think we may have spent to much time in the beer tent to do make any vids of our own.

    so if you have any of your own throw them our way

  3. Mad-City is posting some videos in the nationals recap story... you found one of them, but here's another:


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