Lake Trout Carry Out - Tuesday Edition

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

  • McClintock rocks the house at Canadian nationals the week after she takes 3 golds at the worlds. Wait...nationals is after does that make sense...? oh, the US did the same thing? ok then its all good.
  • SMU defensive linemen throws "back flip" on a wakeboard. Thats alot of meat to be hucking around!
  • Why you should drive slow when on the lake late at night...unless your naked barefooting, then its all good.
  • I have no idea what all the german in this poster says, but it rules, so just enjoy it!
  • Keith St. Onge sets world barefoot tricks record. That guy has skills, freak on the water.
  • Pretty sweet air show vid with some skiing going on as well. I am going to guess that lake Michigan is not a great lake to ski on. Just my guess

  • Note...Fixed picture to make it less unsafe for work. The CRB should't be where you go to get your nudity fix anyways. Save that for your moms house! HI-OOOO!! To see the real poster click here.
Have a kick ass tuesday. Don't get fired. Learn how to fly an airplane


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