Aug 21, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out: now with twice the sword fish

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.
  • McDonald's has a EAME championships menu? Am I the only one that thinks that eating McD's and then hitting the lake is a bad idea? None of you listened to your Mother when you were young and she told you to stay out of the lake for an hour after eating?
  • The Canadian press has been all about waterskiing recently, the worlds probably helped that. To bad they dont know where Canada is on a map...
  • Last stop of the pro wakeboard tour. YAWN..if they are not throwing chicken salads and roast beefs I'm not going. (ed note: damn I'm hungry now)
  • Someone needs to explain to the guys over at that if you have an article about Vetern CRB Girl Dallas Friday you HAVE TO HAVE PICTURES. WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION!!
  • The Hellar sisters are the top footing chicks in the world right now. I saw a vid a few years back of Elane Hellar doing in a barefoot pyro with some guys and they split out and she drops from their shoulders and keeps footing. I have a hard time footing if I hit a ripple, so thats pretty tough. And oh yea shes the first chick to use the superman barefoot jumping style. Who the hell thought barefoot jumping was a good idea anyways? Was someone just sitting around one day and said, "hey so I like footing and I bet it would be cool if we hit a solid object with our barefeet at 45 mph. I mean there is no way that is dangerous"
Stay tuned next week, we have a couple neat things coming. We are working with our boy Horton from B.O.S on an actual real interview with someone awesome and also on Monday we will have a review of "32 Accounts" up for you to read. (Hint: Freaking awesome)

Have a kick - ass weekend! Concentrate on hitting dingers in your softball league and for gods sake, rock out with your (genitals) out.


  1. awesome, the dude playing the piano at :45 is rad. he is feeling that beat.

  2. oh yeah, here is a version of Rockin in the free world from Neil that melts YOUR ENTIRE FACE OFF YOUR SKULL!!

    Neil melting your face

  3. Mcfarlan2:18 AM

    Here Here on the Dallas Friday thing. She makes me feel funny in all my tingly bits.


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