Aug 31, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out. now with 7.5% more hangover

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Hartland Waterski festival hits the water after a year long hiatus due to complete fuck heads like this guy who commented on the story:

How Nice ...
Just a gentle reminder that the folks who live here and pay taxes here aren't allowed to put their boats in the water because of concerns about water quality, but it's O.K. to pollute and terrorize the wildlife if it's for a show that puts "heads in the beds"...
billmichael 08/27/2009

DIE IN A FIRE MR. BILL MICHAEL! and the phrase is "butts in the seats", "heads in the beds" would refer to hotels not a festival. You and all your whiny bitchy closed minded ilk can enjoy your miserable Prius driving, carbon neutral boring ass life, while living in your moms basement, while the rest of us get out and enjoy the outdoors and live our short lives to the fullest.

/rant over

This article should be titled "why the ODBF needs to move to a warmer state". This chick loves to write about skiing, and writes for a pretty big local online magizine. We need more people like this in the media and less of the morons that call chris parrish a wakeboarder.

CRB Girl Dallas Friday wins another tournament. WHERE ARE THE BIKINI PICS??? lazy Fox reporters!

The Rowboat Abides would have been lost with out you Dallas!

The largest waterski tournament in the world was webcast back in July and is now archived on The CRB Minion can't stop talking about all the men in tights. Its a little creepy...

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