Aug 28, 2009

Jaquess in SI

And no not "that" issue (although we would not mind), but in the SI Faces In The Crowd segment.

Regina Jaquess SANTA ROSA BEACH, FLA. > Waterskiing Jaquess, 25, set
or tied three world records this summer. At the Florida Inboards Open she tied
the women's slalom mark (one buoy at 41 feet off), and her point total in
slalom, tricks and jumping set the women's overall record (2,895.45 points). Two
weeks later, at the Guadalajara International Cup, she broke the overall mark
again (2,934.36).

It has been awhile since a waterskier has made it into SI, last time I can remember was April Coble back in the '90s. There have probably been some others but none that I have seen, not that I really check it all that often. Regina certainly deserves the recognition, tieing one world record and setting 2, not a bad july for her. Cool vids posted on as well.

Now back to the swim suit issue...Lets get on this idea Slalom Ski Mag! Who needs talent when you have sweet bodies! Just look at the LPGA or Womens Tennis.

Since this is friday, we would be remiss if we didn't mention this.

Have a kick-ass weekend, buy a wakeboard and work on whirlybirds! Or, maybe just, get down with your bad self.

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