Aug 17, 2009

Guess Who - Crummy Monday Edition

Anyone seen the video on Funny or Die about the people who work at a place called I.F.H Monday? No? well, here, watch it. Thats what its like here at the CRB international house of pancakes today. We were going to blame this condition on booze, or the CRB brand pool party yesterday, but instead we will blame it on, oh why not, society and our parents and whatever else emo vampires cry about. Oh, video has NSFW language, and poop.

So, anyways! Guess who the driver of this boat is! If you get it right you recieve four coupons from the 70's and 150 CRB points, redeamable at the gift shop.*

*we don't have a gift shop or coupons


  1. Qui conduit le bateau? C'est Patrice Martin, le meilleur du ski nautique a jamais.

    Maintenant, donne-moi mon prix?

  2. That is Patrice Martin for sure

  3. nice! In any language!

  4. Definately Patrice Martin. I haven't seen him around for years. Where is this? I guess he needs another boat sponsor too! LOL


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