Aug 5, 2009

Chris Parris is a wakeboarder?

I snagged this vid from over at The Ball of Spray, and the conversation between the anchors brings up some interesting points.

First off HEY FAT ANCHOR GUY HOW ABOUT YOU DO A BIT OF RESEARCH BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! Just ask your coanchor what her story is on! Its slalom skiing not wakeboarding!

The chick seemed to have at least some sort of grasp on what she was talking about (pssst CBS 4 make her your lead anchor!). She points out one of the main issues that we all see; no crowds at 3 event tournaments. As she points out the world record holder is skiing in this event and no one is there to watch, why is that? Skiiers in Florida call the state the capitol of waterskiing but they cant even make it out to watch pro tournaments? Come on now guys if we cant support our own sport how can we expect the general public to attend.

oh and YAY Physics!


  1. Correction:

    He should be called Fat Dumbfuck Dickwad Anchor Guy.

  2. cant even bring myself to watch the video.

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Was anchor Guy also working the Worlds as "Jacques(Jock)on the Dock"? He was a tool


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