Aug 13, 2009

Big Dawg on the intererwebs?

Looks like the boys over at Nautique are webcasting the finals of the Big Dawg series. I am really loving this webcast kick that waterskiing has gotten into. Untill we can get everything on TV or some sort of OnDemand style programing, the webcasts are the way to go.

Hmmm, OnDemand...if the local High School sports in my area can have an ondemand channel why cant waterskiing? That would be the shiznit! I command someone with motivation and fewer South Paws in their system to look into this and then let me know so the CRB can take credit for it. DO IT NOW!

Note: We removed the video because of the dreaded Auto-Play, which is annoying. Instead, click on pic to take you to the actual vid.

Thanks to SkiBigDawg for the heads up via twitter. The webcast will be of the Sweet 16 and elite 8 starting at 6:00PM EST.


  1. wait, you have a high school?

  2. yes i own a high school. you did not know that?

  3. christ, whats with the autoplay stuff? feels like there is a ghost in the CRB mansion


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