Jul 17, 2009

Wisconsin State Show Ski Tourny Webcast

So, for your weekend fix of waterskiing, especially if you are interested in trying to find the ODBF in the flesh, watch the webcast of the Wisconsin State Waterski Tournament. If they show the beer tent, well, chances are you will see ODBF in prime form.

Wisconsin State Web Cast

ODBF had said that the Lake Trout Carry Out link dump would be done today for the weekend, but, being the unrelieable prick that the ODBF is, there won't be one. Instead, via John Hortons twitter comes this picture.

Debatable as to if this really is water sports related. But, sex sells, so, whatever works!

Have a kick ass weekend, watch show skiing, drink non-ironic Pabst Blue Ribbon and mow your lawn! For gods sake its nasty.


  1. oh yes, prime form indeed. I could use a few days to recover, but the life of a blogger is intense* and leaves no time for rest.

    *beer filled and lazy

  2. I think this is much better

  3. My family and I love the snow and every winter holiday, we make sure we go to Jindabyne to have a grand vacation. It is also the bonding time for me and the kids. We snowboard hire at the foot of the mountain so that we won't be having a hard time carrying skis and snowboards from our apartment to the mountain and back.


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