Jul 14, 2009

largest waterski tournament in the world

So this weekend in the small central Wisconsin town of Wisconsin Rapids, a town that has felt the economic downturn worse then many other communities. Built on the paper industry and facing a market that increasingly imports those products from Asia, they need all the help they can get. And help they will recieve in the form of a few thousand people wearing...tights...?

oh yea, time for the ODBF to make his annual trek to the Wisconsin State Show ski tournament...and yea, all the 3 eventers and what not that rip on show skiing, it is that fun. I mean BEER TENT hello!!

Ah yes, the great north woods, timber country, big burly men cutting down trees during the day and putting on tights and dressing up like Liberacie at night, what could be better?

well...hmm...yea on that note how about the running order

Starting on thursday are the individual events. It looks like there are 4 seperate events this year, Swivel, Doubles, Team jump and Freestyle Jump (woooooot!). But looking at the running order it looks a little on the slim side to me, 4 teams in team jump and only ONE!!! in freestyle? come on now, o'conner, Debalak, Rieshling, Olson...guys...anyone?...bueller? bueller? Where is everyone? Come on now guys, any event that makes use of Jazz hands in the ballet line is well worth attending...oh yea gotcha

Team Competition Running Order

The running order for the 2009 Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament team competition is as follows:

Friday, July 17
1 Twin Bridge
2 Chain Skimmers
3 Badwater Ski-Ters
4 Aqua Devils
5 Plum Ski-Ters
6 Crivitz Ski Cats
7 Shawano Ski Sharks

Saturday, July 18
1 Chain Skiers
2 Brown's Lake Aquaducks
3 Mad-City
4 Water Bugs
5 Badgerland
6 Beaverland Must-Skis
7 Aquanuts
8 Lauderdale Aqua Skiers
9 Rock Aqua Jays

Sunday, July 19
1 Chetek Hydroflites
2 Webfooters
3 Waterboard Warriors
4 Shermalot
5 Minneiska
6 Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers
7 Ski Sprites

So wait, let me get this right, the first team hits the water at 6:40 ok cool, gonna be dark by the 3rd show...oh you mean 6:40 AM...AM!!!!!! eat a dick! Im not getting up that early! good god man, thats like work week hours, this tournament needs to be set to my beer drinking hours, which means it needs to start at about noon or so and have piss breaks every 30 mins or so after and then around 6 there should be a nap break, then some time later a puke and rally break! Did you guys miss that memo? I mean you even have a hugh beer tent and everything, COME ON NOW GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

Yep, thats how it is supposed to be, even your local paper understands!


  1. Mad-City is in the team jump and Benz and O'Conner will be in the Freestyle Jump, so there will be a few more competitors.

  2. Ok good, a couple more guys, hopefully you wisconsin peeps just dont know how to update websites


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