Jul 31, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Now that is what I am talking about! Get creative, have fun with it. Oh and Ohio state football is the hella lame!

16 year old Aussi steps up to the plate to replace Ryan Green and his lame-o knee

I've heard of 2 of these bands, but my taste in music is for the more ho downish fair so that may be the problem. But this certainly does look like they have listened to the all knowing ODBF and set up a freaking sweet event for the Worlds this year. This should be the biggest waterski event in years. Im a little disapointed that I have not heard more about it from USAWS though...

I have been involved in a couple Adaptive Waterski events in the past few years and honestly at the end of the day you could not possibly feel better about yourself. Unless of course you just spent the day at the lake with this chick (NSFW) or these two (also NSFW)

Cable Wakeboard Nationals began yesterday. hmmm...yep missed that one

Rumor from the ski flies is that this crash involved our lovable neighbor to the north Verno. Ok so a quick note here...WTF ARE PEOPLE THINKING BEING OUT ON A LAKE WITH NO LIGHTS ON AT NIGHT!!!! FREAKING MORONS!!! about 10 years ago a women was out swimming across a lake we often skied on and got run over and lost her leg (actually lost it, they never found it) do people not realize that nobody can see you if you do not have lights on? idiots!! oh and the driver of the "ski boat" is blame free if you ask me.

No idea where sanford is and Im to lazy to look around this site and figure it out, but come on now calling your summer festival Summah Daze is...well its just odd. That or your located in Alabama in which case thats how everyone talks so its all good!

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