Jul 10, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out: Hire/Fire/Rehire Edition

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.
  • Looks like the NSSA and USAWS have been listening to the ODBF and have brought back Freestyle jumping! not on the pro tour but at showski nationals...but a little bird has told the CRB that their may be a prize money freestyle jump competition in the works for next summer.
  • Mastercraft has rehired about 30% of its work force. Looks like the ODBF was overly pessimistic about MC's chances...
  • Cable Parks continue to grow in popularity. So while boat manufactures are showing signs of life non-boat assisted skiing is growing...something does not add up...(i failed math)
  • So it looks like all is rosy in the boat industry...um wait, Nope! looks like Nautique is laying off 1/3 of their work force. Ugh, that blows
  • Economic downturn be damned the (ski) show must go on

Have a kick ass weekend. Buy a boat.

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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    This is right up the CRB Creek... See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL58hUAGQu8


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