Jul 24, 2009

Lake Trout Carry Out - Now with twice the Trout (update)

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

  • People waterski in Florida? what? when did this happen...nobody told me Im pissed! Oh its just Tampa
  • Oddly enough it was not until after the world games began that we even heard about this event. Maybe its because the CRB world head quarters forgot to pay the power bill (damn you powerco), or the fact that the IWSF website is by far the worst global sport governing body website in the history of sports. I swear the Mongols probably had a better site for the ISWEHA (International Soccer With Enemys Heads Association) while they were busy raping and pillaging. I mean come on, this site is better and we are a bunch of drunks!
  • Wakeboarding meets the Wanchetee (sp? oh who cares) valley.
  • Nautique has sold over 200,000 boats. wow, thats alot of boats, I bet that grumpy ass guy on my lake when i was growing up is out yelling about shoreline erosion and all that grumpy crap.
  • Canyon lake ski club hosts learn to ski. no idea where canyon lake is and i was to lazy to look into it, but these sorts of events are a great thing for our sport. Get all the new peeps you can out there and maybe get some new kids hooked and they can be the future CRB Minion or some other nonesense name on this nonesense website.
  • I know I already said something about the world games but I love the name of this newspaper. The Chatanoogan has a story about Caroline Hensley from the world games.
  • While reading the Wikipedia page for waterskiing I see under the "terms" tab that a common command for starting a run is "take me for a rip". um really? I have said some stupid things to start a run (cowboy up, give it to me, do it to me uh huh uh huh...Im an idiot) but I have to say i have never heard "take me for a rip".
  • Mindworks Photography took pics at the Wisconsin State show ski tournament and put together some really cool photo montages. well worth the click!
Have a kick ass weekend, eat a grilled watermelon salad.


Came across this vid, its painful to realize how much we enjoy this. Watch close at the 1:04 mark...great sync.


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I am buying flannel shirts and ripped jeans immediately.

    then doing heroin.

  2. This is why the internet was invented!


    thank you al gore.


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