Jul 6, 2009

Jaquess Posts Record - Eventually

Here is the video from the boat of Regina Jaquess world record tying run (via b.o.s), and to us it looks pretty good.

Yet, here is the post from the USA Waterski:
U.S. water ski athlete Regina Jaquess tied the women's world slalom record of 1 buoy at 41 feet off on Friday at the Florida Inboards Open in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. The score is a pending record until reviewed and officially ratified by the International Water Ski Federation's Technical Committee.

If approved, Jaquess will join U.S. athlete Kristi Overton-Johnson and Australia's Karina Nowlan as the co-world record holder. Overton-Johnson originally set the mark on Sept. 14, 1996. Nowlan tied it on Sept. 21, 2008.
Now, here is the question. If Approved?

How would it not? We are asking this question with quite a bit of naivety, and asking it honestly.

Can someone explain this procedure?

If memory serves correct it took damn near a year to approve Freddy's world record jump, and that is just insane.

The record was, potentially, set at some tournament called the "Florida Inboards Open", which, while we have never heard of the boat company Florida Inboards, would seem to be a sanctioned tournament with officials on site and all the other various what-not that goes on to make a tourney legit.


Why go through all the rigamorole to properly set up a tournament and do all that and have the results questioned?

Sure, there can be a procedure to verify results and the like, but, sheesh, get it done asap.

This is something that should, could, would be done on site to verify right there that something cool happened.

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  1. Hi I am Florida Inboards inc. We are a service oriented shop for Waterski and wakeboard boats in the pan handle of Florida.
    As far as what is involved in certifing records, it boils down to the submission of end course video of the boat path at the last three line lengths and a copy of the course holomagation along with the measurement of the rope and handle. once all this is submited to the techno gooroo's of our sport and analized then it is either acepted or rejected.

    fun web site, thanks!
    Jody Seal
    Florida Inboards inc.
    Panama city, Florida.


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