Jul 22, 2009

Guess Who - Guess What Edition

This edition of the "guess who" one of the CRB 'ideas bound to fail', as we incorporate a "guess what" into it. In this edition we present you this picture, with one important detail ms painted out. Your task, should you choose to accept it, or even if you don't, is to guess what this is and what its all about.

The winner receives one of the following out of the ODBF mini-fridge.
  • Lean Cuisine
  • Microwave Burrito
  • Bowl of Bleu Cheese (not dressing, actual bleu cheese)
  • Severed Finger
Let us know what you think!


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Sammy Duvall. It is his shop in Orlando. I have a kewl overpriced T-shirt from there

  2. Well Played Anon. You win the right to send the CRB a burrito, a lean cuisine, bleu cheese or a severed finger.

    Gonna have to make these harder.

    more info head to:


  3. um, ill pass on the severed finger, but ill take a burrito.

  4. go to hell, you get a lean cuisine

  5. Why don't you give away one of your many internets anymore? Is the stash of CRB internets running low?

  6. haha. its a little lower now as we deal only with mac internets. but, yeah, we are hording them.


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