Jul 27, 2009

32 Accounts Trailer Again

Only 29 hundred some views for this trailer? C'mon waterski-frica! Lets get the word out!

A dog barking has over 700,000 views, and we all have dogs!

There are some cool videos coming out recently (present / past tense..FIX YO ENGLISH!!), err, some cool videos that have come out recently and more cool ones on the horizon.

"Gifted" is out and is good (our review) and 32 Accounts is coming out soon!

Minion Reincarnate posted a quick thing about the 32 Accounts a while back, but, we present it again. Why not huh? The more the better!

Via their website, Onside Films, 32 Accounts should be coming out in August and features a bunch of rad skiers. Such as..
Athletes: Will Asher, Karina Nowlan, Freddy Krueger, Jaret Llewellyn, Chris Rossi, Thomas Asher, Zack Worden, Nicole Arthur, June Fladborg, Ray Stokes, Aaron Larkin, Jonathan Travers, Brooks and KC Wilson, and more.

And More? Holy smokes, that means we get to see Neil Young on skis? Softball guy on skis? The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Not sure if you knew, Edged 2 is out. I gots it. Watched it yesterday. Pretty F'in dope. Totally different format to the vid than any other. Very cool. If you want one, let me know. Maybe I will send you one.


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