Jun 3, 2009

We be Jammin

Just a few days left until the LA Night Jam. And no I will not bable fish this one so it looks like I can speak French or Russian or Swahili or whatever the hell language that was. Damn Not Americans and their not American languages.

This one looks like its going to be just as good if not better then last years and...well...last years kicked ass so this one should too.

And now for something completly different

Hey look over there! Bear Fucker


  1. Umm,.. Irreverevt?...can I get a ruling???

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I will be there tomorrow. Going to try to get some words in on the mic along with Tony. Looking forward to it. This is by far the best event in the US this year. Jay knows how to do it right. If you can get down there I HIGHLY suggest you make your way over Sat. night. If not, check out the webcast, and listen, I will be there. Trying to get a shoutout to the CRB!
    Hopefully they will have an email set up for questions, etc. We will see if Tony checks it this year!


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