Jun 23, 2009

CRB Old School Jump Challange

This Picture is awsome. I love that he is just wearing a pair of shorts, a baseball hat and a pair of wooden jumpers. These old guys were hard core. And now to get into our sport you have to buy a $60k boat, a $2200 pair of skis, another $1k for the jump suit, sling, helmet, gloves, rope, ky jelly, jump camaras, and so on.
So I have an idea that is pretty much a complete rip off of Hortons old school slalom group (all wooden ski league) but I am making it a challange. An old school jumping contest! bust out an old kicker of a ramp greesed with Vasaline, strap on some old wooden jumpers, grab a pair of jean shorts (you really should not be wearing these for anyother reason anyways) and get out and hit the ramp. I have a pair of wooden jumpers from the late 40s on my porch right now, a sad reminder of how much I fail at winter projects, and I will send them to the first person to send in a vid of a reproduction of this pic. I will pay the shipping and everything. And as The Rowboat Abides seems to have forgotten to give the Green BoatHouse award away this year, I guess this will make up for that.
So that is my challange.
1) Must be wooden skis
2) No gear besides jean shorts (or a swim suit if you really hate your nuts) and being sensible you can wear a helmet (sissy!)
3) Dont die
4) greased ramp is not needed. use the ky for something more fun!*
5) Send in a video to us at creakyrowboat@gmail.com
A really old wooden jumper that is in pretty good shape.
I have no legal background, but basiclly if you maim yourself or die I and the CRB global empire are not liable. This is just for fun.
*ass joke

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  1. Waverly Iowa had a similar contest about 5 years ago @ a tournament on the Cedar River.
    I think it was with a pair of wooden stingers with formica bottoms. No grease on the ramp, however.
    I, unfortunately, missed that day of the tournament. I heard it was quite a hoot.


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